CardioHealth Station

Optimising cardiovascular risk management

The CardioHealth Station improves the daily cardiovascular risk management routine. In only a few steps a full cardiovascular risk assessment can be performed, including a detailed report. The CardioHealth Station has a set of unique tools on board to optimise and standardise the IMT scan to ensure reproducible measurements for longitudinal follow up.

  • Combining traditional risk factors with imaging of subclinical atherosclerosis
  • Automated, real-time carotid IMT measurement including plaque assessment
  • Full examination takes approximately 5 minutes
  • Operator independent reproducibility
  • Plaque assessment with simple illustration tools
  • Comprehensive cardiovascular risk report in < 5 min
  • Optimising cardiovascular risk management in all care sectors
  • Minimal operator training required
  • Simple to use, intuitive touch screen
  • Sensor tracks probe angle position for standardisation of IMT measurement
  • Multiple angle measurement facilitated according to ASE consensus statement
  • Fully automated real-time carotid IMT measurements
  • Colour, power and pulsed wave Doppler to assist in plaque detection
  • European and US cardiovascular risk tables
  • Allows plotting of results in CIMT age map for treatment monitorin

Product Specification

Linear array transducerY
Broadband L 13 - 5 
Center frequency9 MHz
Cable length1.5 m
Modes of Operation 
Image Parameter settings 
Auto Freeze modesDifficult/Normal/Easy
Ultrasound Image View 
Direction rotates90 °(Vertical / Horizontal)
Depth2 cm to 5 cm
Transducer angle positioning sensorY
Full digitalY
Transmit focusstep 1(single)
Dynamic receive focusingY
Spatial compoundY
Measurement function 
MeasurementAuto raw RF IMT
Distance measurementY
Area measurement 
Auto Doppler velocity measurementY
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