MCO-5M-UV-PE Multi gas Incubator

Professional Cell Culture Compact Multi gas Incubator with UV sterilization.

The Panasonic MCO-5M-PE automatic air jacket multi gas incubator provides precise CO2 and O2 level controls to realize a stable cell culture environment. It features multiple-patented technologies to safely achieve in-vitro performance. The compact design of the MCO-5M-PE has a small footprint and allows 2 more units to be stacked, saving valuable space. The MCO-5M-PE is ideally suited for one-donor/one-chamber use to incubate the cells of your patients, in-vitro fertilization, and for personal use in laboratories.

The Panasonic MCO-5M-PE is a professional cell culture CO2 incubator with inCu saFe and SafeCell UV (optional) integrated contamination control technology. It is ideally suited for incubating the cells of your patients, one-donor/one-chamber use, and for personal use in laboratories.

Panasonic Biomedical also offers the MCO-19M-UV-PE, which has a capacity of 162 litres.

  • Preventive Contamination Control
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Improved Temperature Stability with D.H.A. System
  • Active Background Contamination Control
  • Accurate CO2 control & recovery characteristics
  • Compact, triple stackable
  • Ergonomic Design (Compact, Triple Stacking)
  • Panasonic inCu saFe copper-alloy-stainless interior, shelves and plenum
  • Field-reversible Door
  • Water Level Sensor

Product Specification

External dimensions (W x D x H)480 x 548 x 575 mm
Internal dimensions (W x D x H)350 x 378 x 375 mm
volume49 litres
net weight50 kg
Technical Data 
Power supply230 V
Frequency50 Hz
Noise Level24 dB
Insulation materialPUF
Temperature sensorThermistor
CO2 sensorTC
O2 sensorZirconia
Temp control range and fluctuationAmbient temp +5 ~ +50, ±0.1 °C
Temperature uniformity±0.254) °C
CO2 control range and fluctuation0 ~ 20, ±0.15 %
O2 control range1 ~ 18, 22 ~ 80 ±0.2 %
Humidity control range and fluctuation95, ±5 %RH
Light control range-
Power failure 
Out of temperature settingV-B-R
High temperatureV-B-R
Out of CO2 settingV-B-R
Out of humidity setting 
Door open 
Water level 
Exterior materialPainted steel
Colour (exterior)Bio-gray
Cabinet material (interior)SS copper alloyed
Outside lid/door 
Reversable door 
Inside lid/door1
Lid / outside door lock 
Max. load per shelf5 kg
Max. total load12 kg
Max. Shelf capacity6
Access port1
- positionrear
- diameter30 ¯ mm
>Professional Co2 and O2 Co2 Incubators Brochure
>CE Certificate MCO-5M-PE

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